Inacor-TE® is a uniform formation and pierced multidirectional nonwoven fabric composed by polyester and microsphere fibers.

When Inacor-TE® products are subject to the lamination process with fiberglass, the material thickness increases providing greater rigidity, and chemical resistance, reduces heat transmission (isolation). All along with a weight reduction per piece. The pierced design of the fabric helps resin to adhere among layers.


  • Enhances impact resistance
  • Reduces weight by substituting fiberglass layers
  • Increases rigidity in comparison with conventional laminations
  • Savings in resin consumption
  • Easy applications
  • Reduction of application times
  • Reduces ripples in laminations


  • Handmade process
  • Spray process
  • Modeling process (RTM)
  • Injection process
  • Modeling, automotive, construction, facades, nautical, home, pools, and bathtub applications